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Harry Potter Slash Challenges
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Welcome To Harry Potter Slash Challenges

WARNING: Yes, dear, this is a slash community (m/m or f/f sexual relationships) If you do not like homosexuality of any kind then please leave, as this community will offend you. This is not the place to debate about the issue of homosexuality. This is your only warning to turn back if you don't like slash.


Welcome to the Harry Potter Slash Challenge communtiy. Here is a community much like hp100 except the challenges issued can be much more then 100 words. Have fun! Be creative! And get writing! The rules are as follows.

  • The Challenges: Challenges are issued every few weeks. Generally there will be about three or four of them from which you can chose. They can be anywhere from a short ficlet to a err...very long ficlet. Try to make it longer then a drabble though, and shorter then a novel. And yes, you may write more then one challenge. All challenges will be in the "Memories Section."

  • Finished: When you are done writing your challenge, please post it in this community. You can post it in other places too, but just make sure you mention where you got the challenge from.

  • Template: All works must have this template.
    Challenge Number:
    Genre: {angst/dark/fluff/smut/etc}
    Warnings: (if any)

  • LJ-Cut: Please learn how to use the LJ-Cut to keep the clutter down. This is especially important when the fiction is rated NC-17 or very long. We want to keep the community looking nice and neat afterall.

  • Participation: You do not have to participate in EVERY single challenge that I offer. I understand if you are busy during a certain week or whatnot. But I do want you to somewhat participate. I will delete inactive members after about 3 monthes, unless I am emailed.

  • No Flaming: I think this is common sense. There will be NO flaming in this community. You will receive one warning, and if you are caught flaming again, out you go. However, constructive criticism is encouraged as well as positive comments.

  • One Welcome Post Only: I will allow one Welcome Post, but remember this is NOT an "Add Me" community. Go to i_want_friends for that sort of thing.

  • No Netspeak is Permitted: Please, type like an intelligent person. I am not saying you need a proofreader for your posts, I just don't want to see any posts like this:

    OmG!1! my fic iz rite here!1! r/r peaze!1

    I want to make this community reader friendly for everyone, and netspeak is sometimes very hard to understand, even by the best of us. Don't use it. Again, you will receive one warning and if you are caught again, out you go.

  • Moderators If you have any questions/comments/complaints, then please feel free to contact me (jewelofsaturn) or my helper postingwhore. We will be more then happy to listen to what you have to say :)

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    hpslash, hp100, hp_girlslash, femslash100 and slash100